How Do I Check My DKIM Record?

What does a DKIM record look like?

A domain can have as many DKIM public keys as servers that send and sign mail.

There are two types of DKIM DNS records: The policy record contains information about the DKIM signing policy and the email address of the postmaster.

The DKIM DNS record with the long string of gibberish is the public signing key..

How do I install a DKIM record?

To add the DKIM record for your domain, follow these steps:Login to your Name account.From the Navigation toolbar, choose My Account and click My Domain.Click your domain from the list displayed.From the list of option displayed on the left, click DNS Records.Enter the following information:Click Add Record.

How does DKIM record work?

It works by adding a digital signature to the headers of an email message. That signature can be validated against a public cryptographic key in the organization’s Domain Name System (DNS) records. … When an inbound mail server receives an incoming email, it looks up the sender’s public DKIM key in DNS.

How do I find my DKIM selector?

The easiest way to discover the selector for your domain is to send an email to yourself.When you open the email, view the “original message” (some email clients might call this view “raw” or “full headers”) of the email. … Search the headers for “DKIM-signature” to find the DKIM signature applied to the message.

How do I check Cname?

Look up and check CNAME recordsGo to your domain host’s website. Get help identifying your domain host.Sign in to your domain host account.Go to the DNS records for your domain. Get help finding your DNS records.Verify the results.

How many DKIM records can I have?

It’s possible to have more than one DKIM key published in your DNS records. So, the DKIM selector is important for ensuring that your emails can be properly authenticated. The field specifies which DKIM key you’re using, and the

field is filled with your domain name.

How do I enable DKIM?

Go to Protection > dkim. Select the domain for which you want to enable DKIM and then, for Sign messages for this domain with DKIM signatures, choose Enable. Repeat this step for each custom domain.

Is Dkim a TXT or Cname record?

📎Setting up DKIM The key is often provided to you by the organization that is sending your email, for example SendGrid, Postmark, or Google Apps. The key will either be inserted directly into your zone as a TXT record, or it will be a CNAME pointing to the key in your provider’s DNS.

How do I find my DKIM key length?

If you’re not an admin, you can check the length of your DKIM key with a web-based tool created by Dave Johnson at If you use Google Apps and a standard DKIM setup, enter ‘google’ (no quotes) in the selector field and your domain in the latter (e.g.,

How do I find DKIM records?

How to find a DKIM selector for an existing DKIM supported mail flow?Send an email to yourself. Send an email to yourself via the source that you want to know the DKIM selector of.View the ‘original message’ / ‘view mail headers’ / ‘raw message’ … Search for the selector.

How do I know if DKIM is enabled?

AnswerVerify that DKIM is enabled in server-wide setting at Tool & Settings > Mail Server Settings.Verify that DKIM spam protection system is enabled for a domain at Domains > Mail Settings.Verify that DNS TXT records in domain’s DNS zone exist in Plesk at Domains > DNS Settings or on external DNS server:More items…•