How Do I Create A Weibo Account Without A Phone Number?

Can I make a new WeChat account with same number?

An email address can be used only once and to apply for only one WeChat official account.

A mobile phone number can be used for up to 5 WeChat official accounts.

For personal WeChat official accounts, only 1 ID will be accepted and only for that account..

Is Weibo only for Chinese?

Weibo used to be the one-and-only social platform in China – it has since been overshadowed by WeChat and newer entrants such as Toutiao or Douyin.

How can I create a WeChat account without using a phone number?

No, you cannot create new Wechat account without using a phone number. … WeChat is getting smarter and become more secure. … Previously in year 2016 you can create a new WeChat account using a mobile phone number then you can remove that mobile phone number. … But you will have to link your WeChat to email address first.More items…

How can I make my Weibo account in English?

How to Create and Register an Account in Weibo in your DesktopUse Google Chrome to browse Weibo.Go to, the mobile version of Weibo.Click the orange button.Translate the page to English (right click > translate to English). … You can either register via mobile or email.More items…•

Who is the most followed person on Weibo?

actress Xie NaWith more than 100 million followers, actress Xie Na holds the record for the most followers on the platform.

What is Sina Weibo used for?

Weibo is a microblogging application, launched by Sina Corporation in 2009, based on user relationships to share, disseminate and get information.

How do I verify my Weibo account?

2. Go to the Weibo verifying website and follow the instructions to finish registration of a Weibo official account.

How can a foreigner sign up for Weibo?

Weibo AccountGo to Personal Account, then select Use Mobile Phone to register (the reason for choosing Mobile Phone registration is that even if you register with your email, Weibo will still request your mobile phone number) (Pic)More items…

Can I have 2 WeChat accounts?

First thing you need to know is that we cannot hold two wechat accounts from single phone number simultaneously. If you want to create new one then older account must be deleted. … As soon as you create new account all your friends having your phone number will be notified that you got wechat account.

Can I hide my WeChat ID?

Can I hide my WeChat ID on my profile? Once you’ve set your WeChat ID, you won’t be able to hide it from your profile and it only can be changed once per year. … If you haven’t created a WeChat ID for your account, your friends can see your original WeChat ID which is automatically generated by WeChat.

Can I have 2 WeChat on iPhone?

You may want two WeChat accounts on the same iPhone for a variety of reasons. For example, one account can be used for work colleagues and the other for friends and family members. Or, you can have a WeChat account that is dedicated for a section of their friends from school and another for family members.

How can I activate my abnormal Weibo account?

Visit weibo online help page at Fill-in details of your request (make sure you write in Simplified Chinese). Suggest to include also all account details mentioned in method #1. Leave your contact email address there and wait for reply.

Can you use Weibo outside of China?

Sina Weibo Targets New Users Outside China, Now Lets You Sign Up Via Facebook. It’s always been really tough for anyone outside of China to sign up for Sina Weibo, the nation’s hottest social network.

Can I use WeChat without a phone?

Can WeChat sign up without phone number? There is no way to sign up for WeChat without phone number. The phone number is an important way for WeChat to identify spam users. Each phone number can only register ONE WeChat account, so it’s efficient for WeChat to pick up spam users.