How Much Did Moviefone Sell For?

How did Moviefone make money?

MoviePass’ owner bought Moviefone in 2018 in a deal worth up to $23 million in hopes of using it as a way to draw new subscribers to the cinema subscription service and make money from advertising online.

That deal included $1 million in cash, plus Helios & Matheson stock and warrants..

Who owned Moviefone?

AOLMoviefone” for the automated phone service. After gaining popularity, the service later expanded across the United States and eventually adopted an online presence as In 1999, AOL purchased Moviefone for $388 million. The acquisition was completed on May 21, 1999.

Can a stock come back from zero?

Someone holding a long position (owns the stock) is, of course, hoping the investment will appreciate. A drop in price to zero means the investor loses his or her entire investment – a return of -100%. … To summarize, yes, a stock can lose its entire value.

Is Helios and Matheson going out of business?

Referenced Symbols. MoviePass Inc.’s parent Helios & Matheson Analytics Inc. HMNY, +20.00% is set to close its business permanently on Saturday and is considering a sale of its assets, including its Moviefone and MoviePass Films business.

Does Movie Phone still exist?

That’s because after 25 years, Moviefone is shutting down its phone lines in the next month. The service that once gave movie times to more than 3 million callers a week, and served 13,000 theaters in 31 cities, is no longer.

What happened to Moviefone?

Helios and Matheson acquired Moviefone in April 2018 from Verizon (which picked up the movie site via its AOL deal) for $1 million in cash, plus HMNY stock that is now worthless. After the acquisition, the company discontinued the Moviefone mobile apps — and directed users to download the MoviePass app instead.

Is Moviefone a safe site? The website I always check for local theatre times. good safe site. Safe, kinda informative. … It’s informative, a great site to get those small tidbits of information you need to plan movie night.

Who bought MoviePass?

Helios and MathesonIn August 2017, a majority stake in MoviePass was sold to the analytics firm Helios and Matheson. At the same time, the company announced that it would lower its price for an unlimited plan allowing one film per-day, to $9.95 per month.

Who bought Moviefone?

AOLAOL, now part of Verizon, bought Moviefone for $388 million in 1999. AOL shut down Moviefone’s 777-FILM phone number in 2014 and moved the service online.

Who owns Helios and Matheson?

SecurityHMNY / Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. (42327L200)IndustryMiscellaneous Business ServicesInstitutional Owners17Institutional Shares117,101 – 0.01% (ex 13D/G)Common Shares Outstanding2,001,541,260 shares (as of 2018-09-30)4 more rows

Do I lose my money if a stock is delisted?

Though delisting does not affect your ownership of shares, company shares are likely to hold no significant value after delisting. Delisted shares can be a gain or a pain to investors, depending on the calls taken during that situation.

Who is the voice of movie phone?

Russ LeathermanMoviefone: “Hello! And welcome to Moviefone!” The greeting for the still-operational telephone movie listing service is voiced by Moviefone’s nasally creator Russ Leatherman.

Will MoviePass ever come back?

MoviePass, the long-embattled film subscription service, has shut down for “several weeks” in order to complete work on an updated version of its app and to recapitalize for when the service relaunches. … The service shut down on July 4th at 5AM ET, and MoviePass has not announced when it will come back online.

What is Moviepin?

Moviepin is a suspicious domain that promises a movie streaming service to users. … As soon as users land on Moviepin website, they are often tricked into registering for the service, providing their credit card details, email, and full name and putting their privacy at risk.