Question: Can I Hide My Activity On Strava?

Why are there hidden efforts on Strava?

Customizing which Segments will be Visible In segment-dense areas, it is too hard to display all segments on one ride.

Depending on the number of times a segment is viewed, that segment is either shown on the ride by default or “hidden” due to a low popularity rating..

How do I hide my location on Strava?

‘ Click on the Privacy tab on the left side of the page. Enter an address or GPS coordinate in the text field provided under ‘Hide your house/office on your activity maps,’ select the size of the privacy radius, and click ‘Create Privacy Zone. ‘

Why do I get random kudos on Strava?

Yes. Same here, and Strava Support says: “We are aware that a new group of spam accounts has been created, and is giving kudos. These profiles are in the process of being deleted, and the kudos they left will also be deleted.”

Who is the most followed person on Strava?

Laurens Ten DamLaurens Ten Dam (LTD), the most followed athlete on Strava, just climbed his way in to the top ten in the GC.

Can you hide analysis on Strava?

There isn’t a way to have an entirely hidden profile page. Even if your profile’s privacy controls are set to “Followers”, there will always be a public version with limited details available to others.

Can you see who looks at your Strava?

where YOURNUMBER is your strava user ID. You can also find the same info by going to “My Profile” in the upper right menu, then click the third tab labelled “Following” which is under any photos you have recently shared. Then choose “Following Me” from the dropdown box.

What happens when you block an athlete on Strava?

Blocking an athlete does the following: Removes them from your list of followers. … Someone you’ve blocked will be able to see your activity entry (summary) in public areas like segment leaderboards and segment explore however the blocked athlete will not be able to access your activity if they click on that entry.

What can followers see on Strava?

Following is a way for athletes to subscribe to other athletes’ activities on Strava. When you follow another athlete you will see their activities, challenge progress, created routes, among other actions displayed in your activity feed. A complete list of your followers can be viewed from your profile page.

Can you be private on Strava?

Enabling Enhanced Privacy allows you to manage who can follow you and see certain profile details. You can learn more here. Finally, we have our highest level of privacy. If you choose to make activities private by default or on an individual basis, you will be the only person who can see this activity on Strava.