Question: What Is Another Word For Collaborator?

What is a synonym for collaborator?

1’his collaborator on the book’ SYNONYMS.

co-worker, fellow worker, associate, colleague, partner, co-partner, confederate, ally, teammate.

assistant, helper..

What is it called when two groups work together?

If you don’t just split a project up evenly but work together on creating solutions, you collaborate. … Inside the word you see co-labor, or “working together.” Cooperation is simply splitting up the work and getting it done. Collaboration is when you brainstorm, create, and share possible solutions.

What is another word for deflection?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for deflect, like: turn, swerve, divert, veer, avert, bend, bounce, carom, detour, deviate and distract.

What makes you a valuable team member?

The qualities that make a good team player include: … Willingness to help a team member in need. Commitment to making sure team members are informed on any developments related to projects or the company’s overall business. Reliability, responsibility, and excellent communication skills.

What is another word for staff?

What is another word for staff?personnelworkforceteamunderlingworkmenassistantsattendantscadrecorpsdeputies68 more rows

What is another word for vindictive?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vindictive, like: helpful, revengeful, unforgiving, implacable, vengeful, unrelenting, resentful, spiteful, kind, generous and forgiving.

What is the meaning of conspirator?

What does conspirator mean? A conspirator is someone engaged in a conspiracy—a secret plan by multiple people to do something evil or illegal. … A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event that claims it was the result of a secret and often complex and evil plot by multiple conspirators.

What makes an effective team member?

An effective team member is not just one who contributes the work they have been asked to do but someone who can make the team better than the sum of its parts, either by contributing creatively to problem solving, having the interest and insight to assist with identifying risk or just bringing a positive attitude and …

Why is it important to collaborate?

Development of Employee Skills- Collaboration is mutually beneficial for the employees as well as the organization because when they work together, interact and share ideas, they see and understand how others work, think, negotiate and operate.

What is a collaborator?

: a person who collaborates with another: such as. a : someone who works with another person or group With our students and collaborators, we have developed … a tool that couples a video camera with specialized computation.

What is another word for team member?

What is another word for team member?team playerassociatecollaboratorcolleagueconfederatecoworkerco-workermember of the teamworkfellowworkmate

What is another word for conspirator?

Conspirator Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for conspirator?intriguerplotterschemertraitorcabalistconspirercollaboratorcolluderconniveraccomplice17 more rows

What does Quisling mean?

Quisling (/ˈkwɪzlɪŋ/; Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈkvɪ̂slɪŋ]) is a term originating in Norway, which is used in Scandinavian languages and in English for a person who collaborates with an enemy occupying force – or more generally as a synonym for traitor.

What is another name for facilitator?

facilitation, discussant, discussants, animator, enabler.

What is the role of a collaborator?

As a collaborator, your role shifts from the expert model and you work jointly with teachers. … Trust, an integral part of a collaborative relationship, is more likely to occur when communication is nonthreatening, nonevaluative, and respectful.

What is the best synonym for collaborator?

accomplicecollaborator.colleague.confederate.conspirator.insider.partner.plant.stall.More items…

What is another word for systematically?

What is another word for systematically?thoroughlycompletelyexhaustivelycomprehensivelyfullytotallyroundlysweepinglydetailedlyminutely229 more rows

What are 3 important skills for teamwork and collaboration?

In order to work well together, teams must:Have a common purpose and goal.Trust each other.Clarify their roles from the start.Communicate openly and effectively.Appreciate a diversity of ideas.Balance the team focus.Leverage any heritage relationships.