Question: What Is The Archdeacon’S Curse?

What is the role of a Reeve?

Originally in Anglo-Saxon England the reeve was a senior official with local responsibilities under the Crown, e.g., as the chief magistrate of a town or district.

Subsequently, after the Norman conquest, it was an office held by a man of lower rank, appointed as manager of a manor and overseer of the peasants..

What does Summoner mean?

Summoner, a person who practices evocation, the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit or deity. Necromancer, a magician who supposedly summons the spirits of the deceased. Theurgist, a magician who supposedly summons gods.

What does the Pardoner look like?

With blonde hair that he wears long, in the “newe jet,” or style, and a smooth, hairless face, it’s no wonder that Chaucer “trowe [the Pardoner] were a geldyng or a mare” (General Prologue 693) – a neutered or female horse.

How does Chaucer satirize the Summoner?

The Summoner tells the Friar that his views are completely wrong with his tale. … The Summoner relates his views on the Friar to all of the Friars and how their views on religion are not the proper way to get into heaven. Chaucer uses the Summoner’s Tale as a way to satirize the organized religions of the time.

What Friar means?

A friar belongs to a religious order, a group within the Catholic church. A friar is similar to a monk. Friars are like monks in that they are devoted to a religious life. The word friar developed in the thirteenth century from the Old French frere, “brother or friar.” The Latin root is frater, or “brother.” …

Why did the Summoner go on the pilgrimage?

Summoners are usually low-class characters whose job it is to bring people before the ecclesiastical court for sins such as illicit intercourse. This one on the pilgrimage is shaking with rage when the Friar finishes his tale (1665ff). … The Summoner realizes his task is to expose the Friar, to smoke him out.

Why does the Friar hate the Summoner?

The Summoner describes a deceitful Friar in his tale who does not stop at anything to extract money from the people. He exposes the hypocrisy of the Friar through ironic portraiture. The Friar is shown to be insincere, perfidious, gluttonous, greedy, dissolute, terribly hypocritical and dishonest.

Who is the friar telling a tale about?

Friar. The tale is a satirical and somewhat bitter attack on the profession of summoner—an official in ecclesiastical courts who summons people to attend—and in particular The Summoner, one of the other people on the pilgrimage.

Why is the Reeve offended by the Miller’s tale?

“The Reeve’s Tale” is an attempt by the Reeve to “quite,” or answer, “The Miller’s Tale.” The Reeve is angry because the Miller has just told a story in which a carpenter is humiliated by his wife and her lover. … The similarity between the two tales may be evidence of a source relationship between them.

What did the Summoner do in the Canterbury Tales?

A summoner is someone the medieval church hires to call people before the ecclesiastical court for their spiritual crimes, like adultery or heresy, the punishment for which can be excommunication (expulsion from the church).

What social class is the Summoner?

The Social Class of a Summoner The Summoner would be grouped under the ecclesiastical middle class. He was not poor, but his power was only so great, and his authority was minimal.

What is the moral of the Summoner’s Tale?

The Summoner uses the tale to satirise friars in general, with their long sermonising and their tendency to live well despite vows of poverty. It reflects on the theme of clerical corruption, a common one within The Canterbury Tales and within the wider 14th-century world as seen by the Lollard movement.

How does the Friar earn his living?

He earns money by begging.

What does the reeve do?

The Reeve is a manager of lands and a carpenter in his spare time. He is very talented in his job and has gained wealth because of it. But, he has also learned how to obtain power by lending money to the lord he works for, to assure that he can gain favors and grow in esteem.

What does Chaucer think of the Summoner?

The attitudes/values that Chaucer gives to the Summoner is that he is dishonest and lecherous. The summoner takes bribes, is ignorant and is a drunk. His gross moral nature is reflected by his vulgar outer appearance. He tries to sound intelligent by using the little Latin he knows frequently.

What is a Pardoner?

1 : a medieval preacher delegated to raise money for religious works by soliciting offerings and granting indulgences. 2 : one that pardons.

What does Chaucer think of the Reeve?

Chaucer views the reeve in both a positive and a negative light, but more negative than positive. Thus, the overall view of the reeve is mixed. The fact that the reeve “could judge by watching drought and rain” has an element of positive diction and illustrates that the reeve has experience in running the manor.

What does the friar look like?

-The Friar’s physical appearance is that he is not dressed like a Friar, he was dressed more like a pope or a doctor in a luxoruous way. His neck was white as a lily flower, but it was strong.