Quick Answer: What Does The Snowflake Symbol Mean On A BMW?

What does the warning light mean on a BMW?

Red – Communicates a warning that requires immediate attention.

Orange and Yellow – Designates a warning that is not critical but requires attention as soon as possible.

Blue and Green – Indicates the BMW features or technology that is currently active..

What does the snowflake symbol mean on weather app?

Capiche? Revisiting the snow clouds, you’ll see the cloud with snowflakes indicates scattered snow. The cloud with a snowflake and lines, however, means heavy snow/sleet — not, as I initially thought, snow that was falling really, really fast.

What are the warning signs on the dashboard?

15 Common Warning Lights on Your Car’s DashboardOil Pressure Light. … Tire Pressure Warning Light. … Engine Temperature Warning. … Traction Control Light. … Anti-lock Brake Warning Light. … Traction Control Malfunction. … Engine Warning (Check Engine Light) … Battery Alert.More items…•

What are the warning lights on a Ford Focus?

Dashboard warning lights may illuminate red, orange, green or blue, red indicating a more serious malfunction where the vehicle should be checked immediately. Orange lights indicate less serious issues such as the vehicle needing a service. Flashing red warning lights indicate an urgent malfunction.

What does winter mode do in a car?

In the normal first gear, you have a lot of torque which can cause your tires to spin in the snow and ice. With winter mode activated, your car will start moving in second or even third gear so that your tires don’t spin and slip.

What does the snowflake symbol mean in my car?

Frost Warning or Snow Mode Indicator Symbols Also, it may indicate that the vehicle has been placed in Snow Mode (below). As a Frost or Freeze warning indicator, the snowflake or ice crystal symbol will come on in yellow/amber when the outside temperature drops to within a few degrees of freezing (about 40°F).

What does the warning triangle mean on a BMW?

BMW Check ControlAnswered March 21, 2018. This exclamation mark with a triangle that you are referring to is the BMW Check Control. (They didn’t have to name it or anything, but it’s just a fancy BMW name for the system in their cars that warns you of things going on, just like in any other modern car.) It can mean multiple things.

What does the frost warning light mean?

When the outside air passing over the sensor reaches a certain temperature, the computer turns on the warning indicator on the dashboard and warns the driver of potential frost on the road. …

What does the yellow brake light mean on a BMW?

The main reason why BMW yellow brake light come on is because the brakes are worn out. … You may have to recheck the brake fluid level, and if your brake system requires enough fluid to throw the low brake fluid light, then you may have a brake system leak.

How do you reset BMW warning light?

How to Reset the BMW Service LightTurn on the vehicle’s electrical systems but do not start the engine. … Locate the small odometer button near the bottom left corner of the instrument panel.Press and hold it until the service message appears.Release the button, and press and hold it again until the message says “Reset?”.More items…

What causes EML light?

Your spark plugs ignite the fuel in your engine’s combustion chamber. If a spark plug or its wiring fails, you will notice a decrease in your engine’s power, as well as it stalling from time to time. It will also cause your engine management light to become illuminated on the dashboard.