What Are The Two Reasons Malcolm Says He Cannot Trust Macduff At First?

Why does Malcolm distrust Macduff at first?

A final reason why Malcolm distrusts Macduff is because he sees no motive for Macduff leaving his family in a vulnerable position to come and help Malcolm, unless of course he was commanded to do so by Macbeth..

Why does Malcolm tell Macduff he is unfit to be king?

If the rightful king rules, the great chain should stand and order should prevail; however, Malcolm says he would do his utmost to destroy the peace rather than keep it, and to create chaos instead of order. This claim is what makes Macduff say Malcolm is unfit to govern (or live). Macduff does not wish to join him.

Why does Malcolm say horrible things about himself to Macduff?

If Malcolm tells Macduff that he is all manner of terrible things—lustful, avaricious, malicious—and Macduff still wants him to return to Scotland to rule, then that will seem like proof that Macduff hasn’t come because he cares about Scotland but because he is serving the tyrant, Macbeth, like the others who have come …

What will Malcolm and Macduff Do Why?

Malcolm tells Macduff to turn his grief into anger. This is just after Ross comes into the scene, and informs Macduff that Macbeth has just murdered his wife and son. … Malcolm decides that he will go and overthrow Macbeth.

How does Macduff convince Malcolm he can be trusted?

Macduff proves that he is trustworthy by standing up to Malcolm instead of just agreeing with Malcolm or telling him that he is great. This shows Malcolm that Macduff is interested in what’s good for Scotland, not in getting ahead himself. Malcolm tells Macduff that he (Malcolm) will be a terrible king.

How does Macduff nearly fail the test?

Malcolm tests Macduff’s honesty by lying to Macduff, saying that Scotland will be worse after Macbeth is killed because he [Malcolm] is bad himself. Macduff nearly fails the test by saying that Scotland would provide for Malcolm even if his was bad. … Macduff resolves to killing Macbeth as payback for killing his family.