What Country Has The Most Castle?

What country has the most castles per square mile in the world?

WalesThis is a little known fact; Wales has more castles per square mile than any other country in Europe..

What country has lots of castles?

GermanydGermany is the country with the most castles, at around 25,000.

Which continent has the most castles?

EuropeThis country has the most castles in Europe.

What is the oldest castle in the world?

Windsor CastleThe oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world, Windsor Castle is a royal residence located in Berkshire, England. Originally built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, the lavish castle has been used by succeeded monarchs ever since.

What is the longest castle in the world?

Burghausen CastleBurghausen Castle in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria, is the longest castle complex in the world (1051 m), confirmed by the Guinness World Record company.

What country has the most castles per capita?

Depends on the metrics used and what you count as a castle. Germany has many castles and castle like structures (follys and the like). Wales has most actual castles per square mile and per capita.