What Is Kalam Arabic?

What does El Kalam mean?

Kalam is an Arabic term for speech, and has several other, related, technical connotations in Islamic religious thought.

Used in the phrase kalam allah it means the word of God as revealed to humankind through prophets (2:75, 9:6, and 48:15)..

How do you write Kalam in Arabic?

The name Kalam (Arabic writing : كلام) is a Muslim boys Names. The meaning of name Kalam is ” Speech, conversation. ”

What is Alatol in Arabic?

SHOUF – means SEE or LOOK. ALATOL – means STRAIGHT. KOLLO – means ALL. EYEON – means EYES.

What does Kalam mean in Urdu?

कलामکلام word, speech, conversation, talk. बात, बातें