Which City Code Is 054 In Pakistan?

Which city code is 091 in Pakistan?

Pakistan Dial CodesCityArea CodeDialing CodeLahore42+92 42Multan61+92 61Okara442+92 442Peshawar91+92 9110 more rows.

Which country code is 065?

Southwest area (06)CodeNumbering area064Killarney, Kenmare, Rathmore065Ennis, Ennistymon, Kilrush066Tralee, Dingle, Killorglin, Cahersiveen, Ballyheigue067Nenagh5 more rows

What is Muzaffarabad area code?

05822Muzaffarabad/Area codes

What country code is 058?

VenezuelaThis page details Venezuela phone code. The Venezuela country code 58 will allow you to call Venezuela from another country. Venezuela telephone code 58 is dialed after the IDD. Venezuela international dialing 58 is followed by an area code….78.8°F.NationalDial CodesVenezuela Toll Free Mobile Enabled+58-0064 more rows

Which city code is 052 in Pakistan?

Sialkot051 xxxxxxxx: Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 052 xxxxxxx: Sialkot.

Which city code is 055 in Pakistan?

GujranwalaNATIONWIDE DIALING (NWD) OF PAKISTANCity NameNWD CodePeshawar091Rawalpindi051Quetta081Gujranwala055134 more rows

Which city code is 058 in Pakistan?


Which city code is 021 in Pakistan?

city of Karachiin Pakistan, the telephone area code for the city of Karachi.

What is the code for Pakistan?

+92Pakistan/Dialing codes

Which country has 051 code?

Telephone numbers in PeruLocationCountry calling code+51International call prefix00Trunk prefix05 more rows

How can I hide my number in Pakistan?

The *67 prefix before each number you dial made it temporarily possible for you to hide your identity. Google has solved the problem for its users by giving a permanent way of hiding the Caller ID. All the Web Versions and Android Ones will also get this toggle soon.

Which city code is 0938?

DobianCity Dialing CodesCity NameDialing CodeDobian05372-0938Dokri7443Domail0528-0923Drosh05333-0933334 more rows